At least I own my own content now..

It has begun

I started dismantling the bike.
I was also able to score another spare engine (with lots of damage though). 3 engines in total, I really hope I can make 1 good one!

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A wish list!

I compiled a "wish list" for the upcoming project. I basically plan to do mostly the same stuff as I did on the Nighthawk. I want to see if I can reproduce my work and improve on everything based on what I learned in the process.

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A new bike joins the stable!

With the Nighthawk gone from my garage for a while now, I slowly started to notice an itch, an unrest, something missing.

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It's been several years now that I have been wanting to own a domain. It's kind of funny that it was the love for motorcycles, not the love for IT, that drove me to finally pull the trigger on a domain and website...

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